Why FastForward?

The most affordible, accessible option in higher education.

For people looking to get a job, advance their career, or create more opportunity to support themselves and their families, FastForward is the quickest, most affordable option in higher education today.

Our credential programs are based on the needs of local, Virginia-based employers, which means our students are in demand for skilled jobs when they graduate. And, with our expert instructors and FastForward coaches to help at every step of the way from registration to graduation, more than 90% of our students successfully finish their credential courses.

million jobs

As many Virginians retire in the next few years, employers are searching to fill over 1 million in-demand positions.1

require credentials

Half of the job openings in Virginia right now require some post-high school education, but not a bachelor’s degree.2


Our credential programs are just 6–12 weeks, on average, and they’re built so you can continue working while you earn your credential. 


FastForward helps you earn workforce credentials for the most in-demand skills in Virginia without burying yourself in student loan debt. Program costs vary, based on complexity and length of program. But the average cost of a FastForward training course is less than $3,000, and financial assistance money may be available to help you.


You shouldn’t have to choose between working or getting an education. FastForward is built so you can earn your credential certificate while you work—and earn it in weeks, not years. Our instructors are experts in their fields, and our FastForward Coaches personally help you choose the right program and mentor you along the way.

what about a circle chart or some visual to show Achievable in the middle and Work While You Learn, Expert Instructors, and FastForward Coaches around it?


The more credential certificates you earn, the more opportunity you have to advance in your career. Stack up credentials to create more opportunity in your career, and if you decide to keep learning, your credentials may count toward a college degree at Virginia’s community colleges.

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