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FastForward is your Pipeline for Skilled, Qualified Employees.

We know Virginia businesses struggle to hire qualified talent—especially the skilled technicians and technologists who are trained on the equipment specific to your industry and vertical.

That’s why FastForward was created.

FastForward is a grant-funded training program hosted through Virginia’s Community Colleges. We’re here to serve as your community partner. We want to know what your needs are – from the kinds of training and certifications required, to the kind of candidate you’re looking for.

From there, we attract people to enroll in workforce training programs aimed at earning industry-recognized certifications and licenses for a wide variety of in-demand careers. The more we know about the demands in your community, the better we can help train and build that pipeline of future employees.

90% Completion Rate

FastForward not only saves you the cost of on-the-job training, we also have expert faculty and support staff who enable our students to succeed. More than 90% of our students complete their training and are ready to begin successful careers in your business.

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49% require credentials

According to the National Skills Coalition, almost half of the job openings in Virginia require some education beyond high school, but not necessarily a traditional college degree. 1
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$4,129 cost-to-hire

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) reports businesses spend, on average, $4,129 to hire a new employee. Industry-recognized credentials can help streamline the hiring process. 2
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$1 billion+ in lost wages

A recent study found that Virginians lose out on over $1 billion in wages each year, because they don’t have skills employers need. 3
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69% experience trouble hiring

A 2015 report from Accenture, Burning Glass, and Harvard Business School revealed more than two-thirds of American employers had trouble attracting and retaining technically skilled workers to the point where their company performance suffered. 4

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How to find a career you love during a pandemic

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Who grants the workforce credential?

Students are eligible to sit for their workforce credential certification exam at the end of their coursework. Credential certifications are either awarded through state-licensing agencies or through a third-party industry partner, like CompTIA or the American Welding Society.

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