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Traveling Around the World to FastForward at SVCC

Published: January 21, 2019
Terence Song won a lottery and almost three years later, he has graduated from the Southside Virginia Community College Power Line Worker Training Program at Pickett Park in Blackstone, Virginia. A native of Cameroon, a country located in Central Africa, Song had applied for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program) that makes up to…
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VIDEO: Paying for Career Training is Possible

Published: January 15, 2019
FANTIC is fantastic, but do you qualify? Woah, WIOA is a great way to pay for training, but are you eligible? There are a lot of grants and financial assistance out there, but figuring out if you can receive the support is another thing. One of the most common barriers to enrolling in a higher…
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Fast Forward to a New Year and a New You

Published: January 4, 2019
We’ve flipped the calendar page to a new year. Welcome to 2019! Some people think New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a joke. But for a lot of us, we do take some time at the start of the year to set some goals. “Way back” in 2018, YouGov surveyed adults to see what…
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Three Common Hurdles When Going Back to School

Published: December 11, 2018
Life can get in the way of going back to school, but, hopefully, that shouldn’t keep you from investing time in something that can change your life for the better. We talked to our FastForward Career Coaches about hurdles their students have overcome when deciding to enroll in a FastForward training program. Here are the…
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From Hobbyist to Business Owner

Published: December 7, 2018
Matt has been a drone enthusiast for several years. The avid outdoorsman was fascinated by the vantage point that a flying quadcopter could give while out hunting, fishing or hiking – but he soon realized his drone use could go far beyond his weekend hobbies. “I was always intrigued by drones. They give you a…
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Helping Students Find Their Way Through FastForward

Published: December 3, 2018
For most of her adult life, Jennifer Merrill has made a living by helping students navigate the obstacles that often come with pursuing an education. Serving as one of two FastForward Career Coaches at Northern Virginia Community College, Merrill has worked in a variety of campus-related jobs throughout her career. From residential hall director to…
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The Benefits of Being a FastForward Graduate

Published: November 27, 2018
We could just say that being a FastForward graduate leads to a 25-50 percent increase in salary, which might be enough for some people to enroll. But the benefits of going through FastForward go well beyond your paycheck. We surveyed hundreds of FastForward graduates, and of those respondents who earned a credential and have found…
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Employers Have a Vital Role in Building a Better Workforce

Published: November 20, 2018
“Everybody’s got the same equipment and machinery. What differentiates us from anyone else out there in the marketplace is our people.” – Jeff Stapel Shickel Corporation H.R. Manager Jeff Stapel knows that skilled, industry-credentialed workers give his Shenandoah Valley firm its edge in a very competitive field. Shickel designs, fabricates and installs custom engineered metal…
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Understanding the Cost of Hiring a New Employee

Published: November 15, 2018
Look, we know this is going to sound of preachy, but we need to have a serious chat for a moment about why you should take job interviews VERY seriously. According to a study conducted by the Society of Human Resources Management the average cost to hire a new employee is $4,129. And the average…
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A FastForward Coach Who Comes to Your First Class

Published: November 5, 2018
Sherry Pinto, the FastFoward Career Coach at Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC), spends her days helping people who want better careers. “I had a guy come in last Friday who said he wanted a career and not a job,” said Pinto. “I think people are starting to get the message that we provide training to…
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