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Career Coach Advice

Meet FastForward Career Coach: Alyssa Hawley

Patrick Henry Community College FastForward Career Coach Alyssa Hawley has dedicated her career to helping others. That’s why she was recently selected as the Chancellor’s Awardee for Outstanding Achievement by a Rising Star during the 2020 Hire Education Conference. From narrowing down the right program to…

Forklift operating lifting a pallet of beer
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Student Tips

Three tips for finding seasonal work

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in the workforce this year, but the need for holiday seasonal work is still there. But the jobs and procedures may look a little different than in years past. The Washington Post recently had a story about this year’s…

Jordyn, pregnant, with her two daughters by her side
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Student Success

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear scrubs

You don’t go into healthcare because you think the benefits are good. There’s blood, there are tears, and there are days where you have to go through some terrible situations. But it was one of those tough situations that fueled Jordyn’s passion for helping others in…