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Industry Spotlight: Logistics and Transportation

Published: October 14, 2019
Life on the open road. Driving around Virginia, the East Coast – even the entire span of the country. People are buying things online and those products have to get from Point A to Point B somehow. FastForward has a whole series of Logistics and Transportation credentials that give you essential skills in everything from…
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How A Lifelong Love for Helping Others Helped Herself

Published: October 3, 2019
For Danielle, a new bundle of joy meant a need for change. Just a few months before enrolling in the FastForward, she had her second child and realized she needed a more consistent schedule that would allow her the time she needed to provide for her family. Fortunately, the training through FastForward at Paul D…
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Heavy Lifting, Wonderful Benefits

Published: September 24, 2019
At first, Colin was a landscaper and a car porter for a body shop. He wasn’t making much money and it was difficult for him to get by. But when he heard about the quality of Lord Fairfax Community College’s FastForward program and the guaranteed interview that came with it, he made the jump to…
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Planning for Right Now, Planning for the Future

Published: September 19, 2019
Short-term training is quick and flexible, meaning you don’t have time to plan out or invest in a multi-year academic program to start reaching your career goals. That said, even programs with the quickest turnaround require a little bit a planning to ensure the training fits into your goals and overall life plan. Getting a…
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Re-Entry Programs: How FastForward Can Help Previously Incarcerated Students

Published: September 10, 2019
Right now, there are 131,000 Virginians who are behind bars or are otherwise subject to the criminal justice system, according to data from As incarcerated individuals get released (around 12,000 per year), it can be hard to find jobs or pathways that allow them to re-enter the workforce to start providing for their families…
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Serving the Community and Keeping the Lights On

Published: September 5, 2019
Brad, a student in the FastForward power line training program, became interested in power line work after speaking with friends who participated in the program and had positive reviews, as well as others who work at co-operatives and Dominion Energy. Helping his community and keeping the power on was another aspect of the program that…
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When Jumping out of an Airplane with a Faulty Parachute has a Happy Ending

Published: August 26, 2019
Brandon is a 31-year-old veteran who is no stranger to the workforce. After bouncing around higher education institutions, he ended up leaving all together to join the workforce. He worked as a correctional officer for two years, but he realized he wanted to do something outside of concrete walls. So, he did what any logical…
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Taking His Passion From K-12 to Higher Education

Published: August 20, 2019
Our FastForward Career Coaches come from all walks of life. Some were career switchers, who always had a passion for helping people but never found the right opportunity to do so. Others were lifelong educators bound to be leaders, mentors and coaches for their students and clients. Chad Younger, a FastForward Career Coach at Danville…
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With Knowledge Comes Opportunity

Published: August 15, 2019
Having knowledge and experience is one thing, but it doesn’t do much good without the opportunity to use it. For Jason, a heavy equipment operator at S.W. Rodgers, opportunity was the deciding factor when it came to enrolling in the FastForward program at Lord Fairfax Community College. “The big thing that caught my eye was…
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From Patient Check-ins to Patient Check-ups

Published: August 6, 2019
From behind her desk at a clinical family practice, Ashley would greet and check-in patients with a smile, but there was something inside her that wanted more. Ashley was good at what she did, but she had a drive and an interest in healthcare that caught the attention of her supervisor and nursing colleagues. So…
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