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Community colleges partnering with local organizations, businesses to help you

Published: July 10, 2020
FastForward programs are designed to train Virginians for in-demand jobs across the Commonwealth. From careers in healthcare to IT to transportation, the programs offered at each of Virginia’s Community Colleges vary according to the industries driving each community. Many businesses and organizations work in partnership with the colleges by driving students to the FastForward program…
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When will Virginia’s workforce return to normal?

Published: July 8, 2020
As Virginia settles into the new normal of Phase 3, the 9.4% of Virginians who are out of work may still be asking themselves, “When will things get back to normal for me?” And the answer isn’t crystal clear. The last time our workforce was so greatly impacted was after the Great Recession in 2008…
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4 Reminders for Nailing a Virtual Interview

Published: June 18, 2020
Chances are, if you’re applying for a job right now, you’re going to experience some level of a virtual interview. It could be a brief screening interview, or it could be the full thing, but either way, you should prepare yourself for going through your next hiring process in front of your phone or computer…
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Job Hunting During a Pandemic

Published: June 15, 2020
FastForward trains for Virginia’s essential workforce, and while unemployment numbers are high, there are still some industries looking to hire. In this PBS Newshour round-up, the author cited a survey that indicated that 31% of healthcare providers were actively hiring. That’s one of our biggest training areas and one of the largest areas of need…
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Workforce Training at your Local Community College

Published: June 5, 2020
The idea of going back to school can seem daunting, but how does going through training sound? Your local community college offers real world workforce training that can help prepare you for a wide range of jobs and careers. We talked with several FastForward Career Coaches across Virginia to collect their advice, tips and solutions…
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Hands-on training, online?

Published: May 22, 2020
It’s hard to complete hands-on workforce training when you can’t get your hands on what you need to train. How do you practice your blood drawing skills without a dummy to practice on? How do you review your pre-trip inspection in preparation for your CDL exam? But if our instructors at Southside Virginia Community College…
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Finding the Right Path Forward to a New Job

Published: May 18, 2020
If you’re going through a challenging life event like being laid off, are uncertain about a career path or are looking to gain a new skill, here are a few ways FastForward’s Career Coaches can help you. Know your financial assistance resources “If a new student is going through a situation of being laid off…
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Virginia Unemployment Help: Roundup of Resources

Published: April 24, 2020
Many of our friends, family and neighbors have lost their jobs since the COVID-19 pandemic made its way to the Commonwealth. If you’re out of work or are still employed but have concerns about your rights or benefits, here are a list of organizations that might be able to help. Governor’s Office The Governor’s office…
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Skilled Workers are Essential

Published: April 9, 2020
During this time of uncertainty, one thing is for certain: our workers on the frontlines are heroes. We can’t help but think about all of our current students and FastForward graduates who are working hard to keep us well, safe and protected in these challenging times. Earlier this month, Forbes published an article about the…
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Helping to Serve her Community

Published: March 27, 2020
When Brooke Shehan was taking dual enrollment classes at Rockbridge County High School through Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, she wasn’t anticipating a future career helping people at the same school that helped her earn her college credits. But here she is today, the FastForward Career Coach at DSLCC. “I’ve always been drawn to education…
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