Change your future in weeks. Not years.

More Skills. More Opportunity.

Every year, tens of thousands of jobs sit empty across Virginia while employers look for qualified candidates. Job applicants with workforce credentials are twice as likely to be hired than applicants with no credentials.

FastForward is a high-demand program helping Virginians get the jobs they want and the salaries they need. FastForward programs are short-term training courses offered through Virginia’s Community Colleges to help you fast-track your career.

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credentials earned

Thanks to FastForward training, over 16,000 credentials have been awarded across Virginia since our program launched.

in-demand careers

We offer short-term certificate programs across Virginia to train you for 40 great careers.

higher pay

FastForward graduates typically are hired for jobs that boost their take home pay 25-50%.1

more hirable

Job applicants with credentials are twice as likely to be hired than applicants without credentials.2

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