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Training Takes Weeks. Not Years.

There are thousands of jobs open across Virginia, and many of these essential fields don’t require a college degree. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable job career training program, consider enrolling in FastForward.

FastForward is a short-term training program for high-demand industries, helping Virginians get the jobs they want and the salaries they need. Our training is offered locally through Virginia’s Community Colleges.

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Man in orange safety vest pointing to machinery
  •   2 min read

What does a career pathway look like with an MT-1 certification? 

Some of the most in-demand careers in Virginia are part of the welding and manufacturing industries. If you’re less interested in sparks and heavy metal, manufacturing may be a good direction to consider. One of the most entry-level workforce credentials you can earn in this space…

Close-up of road asphalt with spidering cracks through the surface
  •   2 min read

Starting a career in asphalt and road construction

To the uninitiated, if you tell someone you’re working in asphalt, their mind’s eye may immediately go to hot, steamy, black tar and road rollers. While they’re not wrong, they’re also thinking about one part of the field, when really, many asphalt and road construction roles…

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32,000+ credentials earned

Over 32,000 certificates and credentials have been awarded across Virginia through FastForward.
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40 in-demand careers

Our short-term career training programs to prepare you for 40 great careers across seven industries in Virginia.
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55% higher pay

FastForward graduates, on average, have been hired for jobs that boost their take home pay by 55%.
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2x more hirable

Job applicants with workforce credentials are 2X as likely to be hired than applicants without credentials. 1

FastForward in Action

2,177 views   •   July 18, 2019

FastForward to a Brighter Future: Megan’s Story

We talked to Meagan Yeager, a FastForward graduate, about her experience going through the powerline worker program at Southside Virginia Community College. She climbed, she trained and 11 weeks later, Meagan had a job and a secure future at Virginia’s largest electric utility.

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